EVEN MORE Badge Packs by Mark Pawson
XXXX xxxx June 2022

Beautiful, Vibrant, Handmade, Fabric covered badges, Made from selected
fine cottons with highly detailed prints -- most of which are Liberty designs.
A move away from badges and in the direction of jewellery!
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These fabric covered badges are made out of (washed &
ironed!) cloth from favourite shirts that I've worn until the collar and cuffs have started
to fray. Worn out - but too nice to throw away, I decided to commemorate my wardrobe
and recycle these shirts into badges. Made in small batches with new (old) shirts added
occasionally. All proceeds will be 'reinvested' in new shirts!
Packaging includes a woven label to sew onto YOUR Favourite Shirt!
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Price with postage - select region

TARTAN Fabric covered badges
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Denim is always in, dress it up, or dress down,
These badges will accessorise perfectly with your denim tuxedo.
Double Denim? - been there, done that, this season Quadruple Denim is totally on-trend!
A set of 4 badges covered in different shades of denim.
Do not Wash. Do not wear on white upholstery!
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Limited edition of 30 packs, map symbol overload! pack of 4 x 38mm badges
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Here's a blast from the past, dating from 1985 - a piece of badge-making history!

Badge packs are available wholesale - ask for details