Some more screenprints by Mark Pawson
March 2023

When I was 16, I somehow managed to get permission to be the only kid in School allowed
to use the photocopier which was in a locked room only accessible to the teachers - and I
haven't looked back since then! These prints boldly celebrate the instant production made
possible by photocopiers and the creative potential of the photocopying process.
They're designed to be displayed in groups of 3, 6, 9... as shown above.
220 x 274mm, Laserprint on 'Dazzle' fluoro paper, Edition of 48 (6 variants),
signed and numbered on reverse, 2016
Set of 3
Set of 6

2014, printed in white, metallic silver & fluoro orange on Gmund Bier 270gsm card, off-white with brown flecks!
34.4 x 42.2cm, edition of 100, signed and numbered.

A shooting target blasted with a volley of flowers designs
printed in metallic gold, silver and bronze inks.
Hand printed in my living room, using
Print Gocco - every copy is different
Edition of 52 signed and numbered,
2014, 41 x 18 cm.

A shooting target overprinted with flowers in 4 pastel
colours. Hand printed in my living room, using
Print Gocco - each copy is slightly different
Edition of 28 signed and numbered,
2013, 41 x 18 cm.