January 2021

Just Arrived!
In this issue Editor and unashamed Image Junkie Sean Tejaratchi attempts to answer
two key questions with this fantastic largest single issue of Crap Hound ever;
What are books? And, really, why Bees?
8.5 x 11 inches, 116 pgs, 2020.
UK £18.95
Europe £21.95

Worldwide £24.95

Edited and designed by Sean Tejaratchi, Crap Hound is the seminal mixture of social
commentary and somewhat overindulgent graphic design. Between a brief
introduction and the end credits, Crap Hound is pure imagery. Each page is filled with
high-contrast art, carefully taken from vintage catalogs, advertising, obscure books
and found ephemera. Additions features all new content from the themes of all the
previous issues; 'Clowns, Devils & Bait', 'Death, Phones & Scissors', 'Sex &
Kitchen Gadgets', 'Church & State' 'Superstition' and 'Hands, Hearts & Eyes'.
Cover printed with gold ink, 11 x 8.5 inches, 100 pages, 2020.
UK £18.95
Europe £21.95

Worldwide £24.95

CRAP HOUND - BLACK CAT Mini-Issue, 2020
Black Cats, Black Cats printed in black ink on white paper. In this special edition of
Crap Hound obsessively collected, sorted, edited and artfully arranged by Sean
Tejaratchi, there's Halloween cats, Good Luck Cats, illustrations of cats from
packaging and advertising. Enigmatic, mysterious, curious, spooky, cheeky, cute,
Black Cats Everywhere.
8.5 x 11 inches, 32 Pages, 2020
UK £6.95
Europe £9.95

Worldwide £11.50

UK £23.50
Europe £26.95

Worldwide £29.00

The debut issue of Monsterama is 100 pages crammed full of classic horror movie
imagery, culled from vintage film posters, newspaper ads and monster mags,
accompanied with horror & monster inspired artwork by contemporary illustrators and
tattooists including editor Allan Graves, Mitch O'Connell, Bryan Baugh. Its an A-Z,
dragging you from Aliens to Zombies, encompassing Bodysnatchers, Bigfoots,
Black Widow Spiders, Creatures from Black Lagoons, Demons, Devils, Draculas,
Frankensteins, Brides of Frankenstein, Ghouls, Ghosts, Gorgons, Gargoyles,
Grave Diggers, Haunted Houses, King Kongs, Mummies, Satans, Scarecrows,
UFOs, Voodoo, Vampires and Vampire Bats. As it says on the cover
'More than 1000 spooky images to terrify your eyes!'
A4, 100 pages, 2020.
UK £16.95
Europe £20.50

Worldwide £23.00

A Schadenfreude Special! Images that Sean couldn't fit into the Enormous,
544 page Crap Hound Big Book of Unhappiness!!
Cover printed with silver ink, 11 x 8.5 inches, 88 glum, gloomy pages, 2019.
UK £18.95
Europe £21.95

Worldwide £24.95

With the theme of Sex & Kitchen Gadgets, there's guaranteed to be
something for everyone! This issue of Crap Hound skilfully re-edits
issues 2 and 3, out of print for 20 years, into a single issue.
Adults Only 18+. 8.5 x 11 inches, 100 saucy pages, 2017.
UK £18.95
Europe £21.95

Worldwide £24.95

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