November 2023

This book features every rubberstamp in my collection, 250 accumulated over 45 years.
From family heirlooms to those made last month, everything's here. Meticulously
stamped by hand and divided into classified sections; bought new, secondhand, gifts
trades & swaps, etc, and a full-colour section. Red ink throughout, turquoise for the titles.
The first copies of this book were made in back 1994-1995, and now, finally,
I've printed all the pages necessary to update and complete the edition!
21x15cm, 250 copies, 80pgs, perfectbound paperback, September 2023.
UK £45.00
cover colour

Also available - a copy of the book - together with one of the stamps which appears in it!
Very limited, only 4 available, e-mail for more info...

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