Books and Boxes by Mark Pawson

December 2022

For the December 2001 exhibition wallpaper? Mark Pawson wallpapered the
interior of the Tatty Devine shop with unusual and unlikely materials in a why-dont-you
try-this-at-home approach to interior decoration. The limited edition wallpaper? catalogue
has a unique cover made up of 12 mini books which open at different angles and contains
samples of all the materials used for wallpaper? - post-it notes, pizza menus, postcards,
gallery floor-plans, braille hymnbooks, plug wiring diagrams and more together with texts,
photos of the completed installation and original diagrams & sketches.
Feb 2002 Signed, numbered edition of 24 copies, 21 x 28 cm, 184pgs, handsewn.
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Multiple overprints and a nice random build up of imagery, these books are
made from the sheets of scrap paper I use whilst printing cards for test prints,
cleaning screens and changing inks. Accumulated over several years.
Mark Pawson, 2011-2022, 15 x 15 cm, 44 pgs,
signed and dated with rubberstamps.
Final batch of 25 copies made in December 2022.
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Street Market/Supermarket (2014) Two pre-used plastic bags fused together creating a
new hybrid carrier bag, recharging these once commonplace and disposable items, giving
a new lease of life and purpose, priced at the cost of its previous contents, indicated by
the shopping receipt still tucked inside as a reminder of the bags previous life.
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