Books and Boxes by Mark Pawson

March 2023

This book features every rubberstamp in my collection, 250 accumulated over 45 years.
From family heirlooms to those made last month, everything's here. Meticulously
stamped by hand and divided into classified sections; bought new, secondhand, gifts
trades & swaps. etc, and a full-colour section. Red ink throughout, turquoise for the titles.
The first copies of this book were made in 1994-1995, and now 22 years later
I've finally printed all the pages necessary to complete and update the edition!
Free Product Update all copies can be returned for updating.
21x15cm, 250 copies, 80pgs, perfectbound, 2017.


Reproductions of my handwritten bookshelf divider cards - 82 categories printed on
coloured card, the titles shown above give you a good idea of the diversity of what's on
the shelves. Over the last couple of years I have been slowly, gradually sorting out my
book collection, this series of cards is the result - and I've decided to share them with you!
Set of 82 A5 cards + Title card with a short essay, packaged in a screen
printed cardboard box, 23.5 x 16.2 x 2 cm, 2015, open edition.
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Starting with a big stack of secondhand maps of the UK, I've repeatedly printed over them
- building up multiple layers of symbols and imagery. There's new towns - fed with fresh
food from the adjacent greenhouses, acres of forests and orchards, thousands of wind
turbines, I've built hundreds of museums, art galleries, bookshops, libraries and reopened
Post Offices but there's also surveillence cameras everywhere...
"everybody's mapping nowadays" is simultaneously idealistic and practical, decorative
and critical. Plus there's Alien visitations, Geodesic dome clusters, flower bombing,
symbol salad and logo clutter, buried treasure and easter eggs. Screenprinted by hand
with hand-drawn elements, laserprint and stickers, each copy is slightly different.
Mark Pawson, 2012, edition of 120+ 20 Artists Proofs 38 pgs, 20 x 12.5 cm, french-fold
pages, handsewn with muticoloured thread, signed and numbered.
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When I was 16, I somehow managed to get permission to be the only kid in School
allowed to use the photocopier which was in a locked room only accessible to teachers,
and I haven't looked back since then! These prints boldly celebrate the instant production
made possible by photocopiers and the creative potential of the photocopying process.
They're designed to be displayed in groups of 3, 6, 9... as shown above.
220 x 274mm, Laserprint on 'Dazzle' fluoro paper, Edition of 48 (6 variants),
signed and numbered on reverse, 2016
Set of 3 - select region
Set of 6 - select region

For the December 2001 exhibition wallpaper? Mark Pawson wallpapered the
interior of the Tatty Devine shop with unusual and unlikely materials in a why-dont-you
try-this-at-home approach to interior decoration. The limited edition wallpaper? catalogue
has a unique cover made up of 12 mini books which open at different angles and contains
samples of all the materials used for wallpaper? - post-it notes, pizza menus, postcards,
gallery floor-plans, braille hymnbooks, plug wiring diagrams and more together with texts,
photos of the completed installation and original diagrams & sketches.
Feb 2002 Signed, numbered edition of 24 copies, 21 x 28 cm, 184pgs, handsewn.
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Multiple overprints and a nice random build up of imagery, these books are
made from the sheets of scrap paper I use whilst printing cards for test prints,
cleaning screens and changing inks. Accumulated over several years.
Mark Pawson, 2011-2022, 15 x 15 cm, 44 pgs,
signed and dated with rubberstamps.
Final batch of 25 copies made in December 2022.
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