December 2022

Secondhand maps chopped down to A4 and then put through B&W laser printers
repeatedly, adding multiple layers of symbols, diagrams, text, numbers etc.
harvested from various sources, sometimes in planned sequences, sometimes
randomly. Each page has been printed 5-6 times, in an effort to replicate early
photocopier experiments and utilise almost-empty toner cartridges. This book
will be produced continually in small batches, evolving as it goes, with more
images, more layering, more overprinting, every copy is different.
MAPPING, Mark Pawson, 2016-2022, 20 x 14cm, 36pgs, stapled, laser print
on used maps, title added on Jam Jar label.
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A collection of Brown & White paper which
has been used for protection, packaging and wrapping, accumulated over 20 years,
thick, thin, rough, smooth, embossed, creased, crumpled, folded, worn, torn, taped,
discoloured, patinated, has been categorised, sequenced and collated into
minimalist, contemplative, wabi-sabi-ish books, every one is different.
Brown Paper, White Paper, 15.5 x 14.5cm, 72 pages, hand sewn, title stamped
in white on the inside back cover, 2018 -2021. 202 copies completed so far...
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Have you ever found your work being resold online or at auction, it's a curious
experience. S.H.O.P.P.I.N.G. is a critical document compiling screengrabbed
images of artefacts by Mark Pawson recently offered for sale on the Secondary
Market, in booksellers catalogues and on 'The world's largest marketplace'.
This examination of Market Value is plainly presented, simply bound and
unencumbered by additional commentary or analysis. The document will be
revised and reprinted as necessary in direct response to market conditions.
S.H.O.P.P.I.N.G., Second Edition, 2019, updated & revised,
32 copies, A4, 32pgs, colour and B&W laser printed, tracing paper
cover, side stapled + sellotaped spine, assorted stickers on back cover.
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