May 2024

Photocopy, screen print and laser print on unused billboard poster paper,
includes some pages which were printed in the late 80s and early 90s !
24 pages, 20 x 14.5 cm, stapled, printed in my bedroom,
edition of 42, January 2023, each copy is unique.
UK £10.50 £9.45

This batch of MAPPING moves away from overprinting and towards obliteration!
Secondhand maps chopped down to A4 and then put through laser printers
repeatedly, adding multiple layers of symbols, diagrams, text, numbers etc.
harvested from various sources, initially in planned sequences, but now increasingly
randomly. This book will be produced continually in small batches, d/evolving
as it goes, with more images, more layering, more overprinting, every copy is different.
MAPPING, Mark Pawson, 2020-2023, 20 x 14cm, 36pgs,
stapled, laser print in black and colour on used maps, title added on Jam Jar label.
UK £10.50 £9.45

The pages of this book are made from A3 photocopies I created between 1985 and 2005.
Patterns, textures, image detritus, loose-leaf collages, enlargements, overprints, 3-D objects placed directly
on the copier glass, objects moved across the copier, dot-screened images, negatived prints,
photocopies of photocopiers, photocopies of live insects.
Photocopies made for a one-afternoon installation, for unfinished projects / publications.
During this time I was habitually playing with the photocopier exploring its capabilities and functions,
sometimes in planned sequences, often improvising just to see what happened.
And there's handfuls of test card prints made by copier technicians, and retrieved from wastepaper baskets.
Locations where these prints were made include City University library, in the evening, feeding the copier from
bank bags full of 5p coins, at Community Copyart, where I worked briefly, in my bedroom on the
Canon NP9030 which I inherited after the demise of Copyart and at Newmans stationers on Bethnal Green Road.
Boxed-up and stashed away, this pile of prints was recently rediscovered, edited for interestingness,
sorted, sequenced and sewn into an edition of 18 unique books.
Augmented and embellished with stickers and printed adhesive tape from the same time period.
Entitled with rubber-stamped stickers, numbered, date-stamped, signed, explained, sold.
A4, 48-52 pages, handsewn, 18 copies - every one is different, signed, numbered and dated, July 2022
UK £33.00 £29.50

UK £47.50 £41.95

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