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A5 16 pgs, 1988/2023
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A5, 8 pages, 1989/2023
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Smile magazine was created by Stewart Home in 1984,'Smile encourages everybody to
start their own Smile magazine. Smile wants every magazine to be called Smile.
Smile stands for total unoriginality. Smile wants to be able to go unto Rough Trade and
find thousands of different Smile magazines by thousands of different Monty Cantsins.'
Inspired by Stewart Home's exhortions SLIME/SMILE echoes the contents, themes and
graphic design of Smile expanding upon and wryly satirising the concepts espoused.
Poems, texts, statements, projects, activity pages, certificates.
This magazine compiles SLIME made by Mark Pawson and Erica Smith in 1984 and
two SMILEs produced by Mark in 1984/5, originally photocopied in tiny quantities
and circulated through the post.
Hot out of the printer... 1984/5 & 2023, 24 pgs, A5 stapled, laser print
UK £4.50 £3.95

A diary zine of my 1992 trip to the USA, this was originally sent to everyone
I'd visited/stayed with during the trip. 30th Anniversary Reprint!
New York, Mark Bloch, Printed Matter, Pop Shop, See Hear, Iowa, S.Perkins,
Ll Dunn, Tape Beatles, Was & And, Chicago, Sister Serpents, Quimbys,
J. Rininger, Niketown, Ohio, Fagagaga, a Colossal Onion, meet the Bennetts,
Negativland, Knitting Factory, Baltimore, House of Wigs, Blaster, Berndt,
tENT, Wondolowski, Normals, W.P.A.,
Mount Vernon Museum of Incandescent Lighting...
1993/2023, 24pgs, A5 stapled, laser print
UK £4.50 £3.95

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