November 2023

MONSTERAMA #4 - Allan Graves
A4, 100 pages, 2023.
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MONSTERAMA #3 - Allan Graves
A4, 100 pages, Black & White with colour cover, 2022.
UK £18.50

MONSTERAMA #2 - Allan Graves
The second issue of MONSTERAMA is
crammed full of imagery from classic horror films. Freddy, Chuckie, Jason,
Krampus, Trolls, Demons, Aliens, Shark, Bats, Ravens, Rats and more...
A4, 100 pages, Black & White with colour cover, 2021.
UK £18.50

MONSTERAMA #1 - Allan Graves
The debut issue of Monsterama is 100 pages crammed full of classic horror movie
imagery, culled from vintage film posters, newspaper ads and monster mags,
accompanied with horror & monster inspired artwork by contemporary illustrators and
tattooists including editor Allan Graves, Mitch O'Connell, Bryan Baugh. Its an A-Z,
dragging you from Aliens to Zombies, encompassing Bodysnatchers, Bigfoots,
Black Widow Spiders, Creatures from Black Lagoons, Demons, Devils, Draculas,
Frankensteins, Brides of Frankenstein, Ghouls, Ghosts, Gorgons, Gargoyles,
Grave Diggers, Haunted Houses, King Kongs, Mummies, Satans, Scarecrows,
UFOs, Voodoo, Vampires and Vampire Bats. As it says on the cover
'More than 1000 spooky images to terrify your eyes!'
A4, 100 pages, 2020.
UK £18.50

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Meticulously researched, encyclopedic, carefully compiled and beautifully laid-out,
this issue of Crap Hound contains thousands of clipart images from the 1920s - 1980s
relating to every imaginable superstition and type of Good and Bad Luck!
8.5 x 11 inches, 100 pgs, 4th Edition, 2020.
UK £19.95

Expanded and updated with 12 Additional Pages of All-New Imagery!
Crap Hound is pure imagery, each page is filled with high-contrast line art, culled
from vintage catalogues, advertising, obscure publications and found ephemera.
Through sheer volume of artfully arranged iconography, Crap Hound explores the
popular meaning, cultural ideals and historic symbolism of hands, hearts and eyes,
you'll find 16 pages of eyes, 24 pages of hearts,35 pages of hands, 3 copyright free
typefaces and a couple of pages of random images!
8.5 x11 inches, 100 pgs, 5th Edition, 2017.
UK £19.95

STINCKERS - sticker packs with designs by your favourite cartoonists!
Each pack contains three 10 x 7 cm hand silkscreened vinyl stickers by 3 different artists.
Including :- Steven (YIKES) Weissman, Jordan Crane, artichokat, Matt Furie,
Martin Ontiveros, Jaime Hernandez, Jason Sturgill, MATS!?...
Collect them all, Trade with your friends, Stick them on your Bedroom door,
Skateboard, Leather Jacket, Record Player, Guitar...
Stick 'em where you're not supposed to stick 'em...
3 Packs (9 stickers) - UK £11.30

1 Pack (3 stickers) - UK £4.20

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