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August 2022

MAZOOKAS - set of 8 pocket size books
9.5 x 7.5 cm, full colour, 16-40 pages, published 2016-9.
UK £25.00

TOBOT - automated illustration systems - HENNING WAGENBRETH
39 x 26 cm, 16 pages, full colour, unbound, 2011.
UK £13.50

TOBOT & 8 Mazookas books
An Instant Henning Wagenbreth Collection!
UK £36.00

SLAVE NATION - Frank Kwiatkowski
A collection of prints by Frank Kwiatkowski made from hand engraved traffic cones.
Taking inspiration and materials from the streets of Denver and flyposting the resulting
prints back in the public realm. Unique, powerful and beautiful. 20 pages, 22 x 14 cm,
cover printed from Frank's engraved traffic cones in silver, contents laser print,
handsewn binding. ispress, Denver, 2021.
UK £8.95

GOD IN A BOTTLE - Frank Kwiatkowski
The second collection of traffic cone prints by Frank Kwiatkowski, produced over the
of 3,000 insulin injections An aesthetic and poetic graphic examination of insulin and
living with diabetes. 20 pages, 22 x 14 cm, cover printed in gold directly from
Frank's engraved traffic cones, contents laser print, handsewn binding. ispress, Denver, 2021.
UK £8.95

LEFTIST LEAFLETS in LITTLE LIBRARIES #1 - ispress & The Institute of Sociometry.
Infiltrating those oh so Instagramable free book hutches, generously (?) stocked with
sub-charity shop volumes and unread positive thinking bestsellers, LLiLL inserts more
subversive and imaginative zines. Photos are accompanied with info about the social
profile of each location, contents of the l'il library, what was added and reasons why.
ispress, 2017, 21 x 14 cm, 20pgs, colour lazerprint on parchment paper,
hand-sewn binding, numbered. + letterpress bookmark. Issue 2 Also Available
UK £8.95

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