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May 2021

THE PUERTO RICAN WAR - John Vasquez Mejias
Brooklyn based printmaker, puppeteer and educator John Vasquez Meijas has spent much
of the last 4 years hand carving the series of 94 beautifully composed woodblock panels
which comprise the original artwork for this outstanding book. Telling the story of Puerto
Rican Revolutionaries, beginning in 1950 with events on the Caribbean island and
finishing with the assassination attempt on US President Truman in Washington DC.
Offset printed in black on newsprint, you'll get inky fingers reading it!
96 pages, 27 x 20 cm, hand sewn with thread, second printing 2021,
1000 copies, signed and numbered
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DEADLY PREY - Hand Painted Movie Posters From Ghana
A compilation of dazzling, bizarre hand-painted movie posters from Ghana commissioned by
Odd Obsession Movie Store, Chicago. It collects work by Ghanaian poster artists Heavy J, Salvation,
Stoger, Mr. Nana Aguq, & Leonardo and includes introductory essays by Terry Zwigoff (director of
Crumb and Ghost World), Kofi Ghartey, and Brian Chankin. The open edge of the front
cover features a hand-torn detail, and the posters have been printed in full colour replacing
magenta with fluoro pink which giving extra, vibrant pop of colour to the images!
25 x 19cm, 100 pages, 44 full colour plates,
6 pages of essays, sewn paperback, Perfectly Acceptable Press, 2020.
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I'm really please to have got hold of copies of this magnificent book, produced for
the 2007 Relics & Reliquaries exhibition at Crand Central Art Center, Santa Ana,
California, this book covers over 40 years of Vallances work.
176 pgs, Clothbound Hardback with Dustjacket, 29 x 23 cm, 2008.
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In April 1978, Californian Artist Jeffrey Vallance went to the local Ralph's supermarket,
bought a frozen chicken which he named Blinky and then drove to the Los Angeles Pet
Cemetary where he had Blinky buried and a grave marker erected. This book is a reprint of
the 1979 edition which documented this unique performance/prank, Beautifully produced
with embossed cover and endpapers showing the bloodstained ' shround of Blinky'. This
expanded edition of Blinky comes with a DVD of a 15 minute video made in 1988,
showing the exhumation, autopsy and reinterment of Blinky!
2008 (3rd Edition), 14 x21cm, 30 pgs, Embossed colour cover.
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'A sidesplitting chronicle of the inescapable influence of America's 37th President, Richard
M. Nixon, on one of the art world's liveliest mavericks, Jeffrey Vallance.' Growing up in
California in the 1960's, Vallance became, seemingly inevitably, mildy obsessed by Richard
Nixon. In 1990 after his offer to donate some of his artwork to the official Richard Nixon
Library was declined, Vallance created his own Richard Nixon Museum exhibition.
This pocket-sized book contains a mixture of Nixonian ephemera, artwork and
anecdotes in Jeffrey Vallance's unique style - blurring history and mythology
Paperback, USA, 2005, 18 x 13cm, 32 pgs.
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