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April 2021

These maps represent central Newcastle and Peterborough, depicting how the
cities might look if food growing was an everyday part of the urban landscape.
They present a vision and discussion about cities full of food gardens, rooftop
greenhouses and indoor farms. Use these maps as guides and add your own
imagination to bring the varied spaces of the city to life filled with food production.
42 x 60 cm unfolded, 21 x 10cm folded, Mikey Tomkins, 2015
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G.P.O. versus G.P-O - MAIL ACTION

In 1976 Genesis P-Orridge, Performance Artist, Musician, Mail Artist and Youth Leader
was prosecuted for sending several postcards with 'indecent designs or images' through the
British postal system. He decided to turn this court case into an art event/performance
which is thoroughly doccumented in this publication. The book includes images of the
original postcards together with the court summons, solicitors letters, character references
from William Burroughs and Sir Norman Reid - Tate Gallery Director, cards & letters of
support, Press Clippings, Photographs of the artist and supporters outside the court
building and also the list of people that Genesis P-Orridge invited to attend the trial,
including Artists, Curators, Pornographers and Charles Manson.
Originally published in 1976 by Ecart, Geneva, this book has been out of print and
near-impossible to get hold of for decades, it provides a fascinating look at this unique
event - a cultural collision between the authorities, the UK art establishment,
important 1970s British artists and the International Postal Art Network.
104 pages, 26.5 x 20 cm, B&W, Primary Information, New York, 2013.
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Expanded Third Edition - With a New Cover Illustration, due in early 2021
"The West's Most Popular Hobo Graffiti Magazine"
A rollicking rail zine of boxcar graffiti and obscure railroad nostalgia - the result of a
25-year obsession with hobo and railworker folklore. Freight riding stories, interviews
with hoboes and boxcar artists, historical oddities and tons of photos of modern day
boxcar tags, with a special focus on work by the late Margaret Kilgallen, are all
presented in the guise of a vintage rail fanzine. From the maker of
the underground documentary film 'Who is Bozo Texino?'.
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