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October 2020

This book showcases prints and posters created by JUST SEEDS, a cooperative decentralised network
of 29 radical artists based in the USA, Canada and Mexico who are committed to Social, Environmental
and Political Engagement. The catalogue includes prints addressing:- Anti-War, Environmental Justice,
Gender Justice, Immigration, Incarceration & Policing, Labour & Anti-Capitalism and
Self-Determination together with documentation of workshops, talks and work by students in response
to the exhibition. With work by Josh MacPhee, Erik Ruin, Favianna Rodriguez, Kevin Caplicki,
Meredith Stern and Mary Tremonte. Powerful necessary work in the long tradition of
activist graphics, and especially pertinent Right Now.
Full colour throughout, 52 pages, 25 x 20cm, Purchase College NY & Interference Archive.
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THE PUERTO RICAN WAR - John Vasquez Mejias
Brooklyn based printmaker, puppeteer and educator John Vasquez Meijas has spent much
of the last 4 years hand carving the series of 94 beautifully composed woodblock panels
which comprise the original artwork for this outstanding book. Telling the story of Puerto
Rican Revolutionaries, beginning in 1950 with events on the Caribbean island and
finishing with the assassination attempt on US President Truman in Washington DC.
Offset printed in black on newsprint, you'll get inky fingers reading it!
96 pages, 27 x 20 cm, hand sewn with thread, 2020.
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An Encyclopedia Of Political Record Labels - Josh McPhee
Massively expanded and long awaited third edition!
An index of 789 record labels which released political vinyl between 1965 and 1990.
With colour illustrations logos of each label's logo, a brief synopsis of its history, and additional information.
Paperback, 24x13 cm, 196 pgs, Second edition, 2019.
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The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights (1948), illustrated
in a series of Linocuts by american artist Meredith Stern.
Paperback, 31 x 22cm, 40pgs, printed offset in 17 spot colours, Second Printing 2019.
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These maps represent central Newcastle and Peterborough, depicting how the
cities might look if food growing was an everyday part of the urban landscape.
They present a vision and discussion about cities full of food gardens, rooftop
greenhouses and indoor farms. Use these maps as guides and add your own
imagination to bring the varied spaces of the city to life filled with food production.
42 x 60 cm unfolded, 21 x 10cm folded, Mikey Tomkins, 2015
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the book on books on artists books - ARNAUD DESJARDIN

The result of exhaustive research and covering the period 1972-2013 this book details over
600 publications the majority of which are illustrated. Entries are divided into the following
categories:- Exhibition Catalogues, General Reference, Collection Catalogues, Artist
Monographs, Publisher Monographs, Artists' books on books, Periodicals, Publisher
Catalogues, Yearbooks & Fair Catalogues, Dealerships. An Essential reference guide
for anyone interested in Artists Books or books on artists books...
Second expanded edition, 320 pages, 2013.
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