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February 2024

An account of heroin addicts who occupy a local New York
subway station and their relationship with the neighborhood. Told with woodcut.
This book is 22 pages, Xeroxed onto construction paper. Sewing machine binding.
Large Format - 5 x 15 inches, cover includes hand printed elements - every one is different.
UK £15.50

An Encyclopedia Of Political Record Labels - Josh McPhee
Massively expanded and long awaited third edition! An index of 789
record labels which released political vinyl between 1965 and 1990.
With colour illustrations ' of each label's logo, a brief synopsis of its
history, and additional information.
Paperback, 24x13 cm, 196 pgs, Second edition, 2019.
UK £21.95

This catalogue showcases prints and posters created by JUST SEEDS, a cooperative
decentralised network of 29 radical artists based in the USA, Canada and Mexico who are
committed to Social, Environmental and Political Engagement. Including prints
addressing:- Anti-War, Environmental Justice, Gender Justice, Immigration, Incarceration
& Policing, Labour & Anti-Capitalism and Self-Determination together with
documentation of workshops, talks and work by students in response to the exhibition.
With work by Josh MacPhee, Erik Ruin, Favianna Rodriguez, Kevin Caplicki,
Meredith Stern and Mary Tremonte. Powerful necessary work in the long
tradition of activist graphics, and especially pertinent Right Now.
Full colour, 52 pages, 25 x 20cm, Purchase College NY & Interference Archive.
There's more books from Meredith Stern and Josh MacPhee on this page...
UK £12.95

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