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July 2024

THE FAB FANZINE LIST - Rough Trade 1981
Reprint of a massive mail-order catalogue compiled by Rough Trade in mid 1981.
HUNDREDS of fanzines, zines and a few comics... this Invaluable document records
the outpouring of energy and enthusiasm which was poured into fanzines, demonstrating
the enormous amount of punk/post-punk inspired do-it-ourselves publications from
across the UK and around the world. And of course, it just wouldn't be right without
a couple of pages in the wrong order! Photocopy, A4, 14 pages, stapled.
UK £3.95

Rough Trade Fanzines List
Mail-order list put together by the Rough Trade shop in January 1981, listing approx. 200
fanzines from towns and cities right across the UK and further afield.
Written on three different typewriters! A4, 8 pages, photocopy, stapled.
UK £2.50

Better Badges Catalogue
This reprint of the 'bogalogue' catalogue from 1981(?) lists a couple of hundred
badge designs, details of the D.I.Y. badge service, a whole page of Adam & the
Ants badges and 4 pages of T-shirts. 21 x 7.5cm, 16 pages.
UK £1.80

UK £6.50

thirty, forty, fifty thousand photocopies
Matthew Higgs talks about music, Joy Division/New Order, Fanzines,
publishing the 'imprint 93' series of artists books & multiples and curating.
Higgs is a British curator and artist, since 2005 he's been the curator
of White Columns, New York's oldest alternative art space, founded in 1970
A5, 16 pages with translucent paper dustjacket.
UK £5.00

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