November 2023

Rough Trade Fanzines List
Reprint of a mail-order list from 1981, listing approx. 200 fanzines
from across the UK and around the world. A4, 8 pages, stapled.
UK £2.00

Better Badges Catalogue
This reprint of the 'bogalogue' catalogue from 1981(?) lists a couple of hundred
badge designs, details of the D.I.Y. badge service, a whole page of Adam & the
Ants badges and 4 pages of T-shirts. 21 x 7.5cm, 16 pages.
UK £1.50

UK £3.00

thirty, forty, fifty thousand photocopies
Matthew Higgs talks about music, Joy Division/New Order, Fanzines,
publishing the 'imprint 93' series of artists books & multiples and curating.
Higgs is a British curator and artist, since 2005 he's been the curator
of White Columns, New York's oldest alternative art space, founded in 1970
A5, 16 pages with translucent paper dustjacket.
UK £5.00

Why Publish Noise?
This booklet reprints a smart, succinct text by Mikeal And, which was first published
in the early 1990s and is equally pertinent today. read it online.
10 x 10.5 cm, 12 pgs, on various different coloured/patterned papers.
UK £1.40

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