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July 2024

STINCKERS - sticker packs with designs by your favourite cartoonists!

Each pack contains three 10 x 7 cm hand silkscreened vinyl stickers by 3 different artists.
Including :- Steven (YIKES) Weissman, Jordan Crane, artichokat, Matt Furie,
Martin Ontiveros, Jaime Hernandez, MATS!?...
Collect them all, Trade with your friends, Stick them on your Bedroom door,
Skateboard, Leather Jacket, Record Player, Guitar...
Stick 'em where you're not supposed to stick 'em...
3 Packs (9 stickers) - UK £11.30

1 Pack (3 stickers) - UK £4.20

A collection of early woodcut, linocut, silkscreen comics previously made
in limited editions now collected into one book. Eight stories in all.
There's an original small collage in every copy and a library lending card!
64 pages, full colour and B&W on newsprint. 8x10 1/2" 2023
UK £12.50

An account of heroin addicts who occupy a local New York
subway station and their relationship with the neighborhood. Told with woodcut.
This book is 22 pages, Xeroxed onto construction paper. Sewing machine binding.
Large Format - 5 x 15 inches, cover includes hand printed elements - every one is different.
UK £15.50

FLUKE issue #19
Mail Art Special Issue. Interviews with Leslie Caldera/Creative Thing, US , buZ blurr, US,
John Held Jr. US, Anna Banana, CAN, Ryosuke Cohen, JP, Henry Denander, SWE,
Noriko Shimzu, JP, E.F. Higgins III, NYC, a 1977 interview with Ray Johnson
and a chat with Chuck, stamp collector and clerk at the editors local Post Office.
19 x 13.5 cm, 78 pgs, Full Colour, ed. Matthew Thompson, Arizona, USA, 2021
Second edition with new, improved cover design!
UK £8.95

All prices include postage in the UK
Overseas customers please e-mail - mark@markpawson.uk